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It has been tough dealing with PCOS. I finally was able to start birth control and have been on it for a month. It seems to be working. Slowly but it's showing signs of improvement. The hardest thing for me is the weight loss. I am alone in this battle. No one in my family is helping, they continue to buy junk food which is my biggest down fall. I hate that no one is really being supportive.... well verbally maybe but showing it as in NOT BUY JUNK FOOD!!!! they're not. It's annoying, I mean if they are going to buy that shit hide it from me.

I am like a fucking vacuum when it comes to that kind of food. I seek it out, find it, eat it... eat it all!!! :P Anyway, that is what I am having trouble with. Exercise is tough too. I have done it twice this week. I need to keep up with it and not stray away.

All I can say is I am trying. It's hard but I am trying. I just wish I had someone to do this with it is twice as hard alone.


Tomorrow, I am going to a job fair. Hope I find something there. I had an electronic interview today so idk how that will work out. We'll see. I hope someone comes along, Fulltime please!


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