Apr. 29th, 2014

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Here are the pics of my new hair cut.

 photo PhotoGrid_1398545066789_zpsjxhj8yhn.jpg  photo IMG_20140427_022720_zps3ctdrnzh.jpg new hair photo newhair_zps45fabefc.jpg

I love it!! :D
I am so happy with it. It is still hard to get used to not having almost no hair. Although, it is fun to play with. I like that I can put my hood up on my hoodie and not have to fuss with all my hair. It's almost a relief to be rid of all that thick hair.

I have been applying for full-time jobs with no luck. I All day practically I have been doing this online and it is very tedious. I am either not qualified or I can't do what they need of me. Like lift 168lbs on a daily basis... who in their right mind would even want to!? Regardless, I am having trouble and it is getting down to the wire where I won't have anymore money to pay my bills. I am going broke and severely fast. I can't even buy some supplies for shirts I am supposed to be making for another business I am working with (which I would make money from). I just can't win! I just don't know what to do anymore.

Youngstown, OH is officially a pit that sucks you in and never spits you back out. I don't know if I can crawl back out like the last few times I have and was lucky in finding a new job. This time I think I might be fucked. Please wish me luck... whoever decides to read this anyway. :/


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